Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You Followers and Commenters!

Dearest Loyal Followers and Commenters,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and then to take it a step further by commenting on my posts. It really makes me feel special and like people really care about what I have to say (or...write I guess haha).

       Since most people don't check back on the comment page, I'm going to be starting a followers/frequent commenters page where I'll leave some personal love for people I feel truly deserve it. So check that out.

      For now, thank you to:
  1. KG (a loyal follower and commenter): I hope your mother makes a full and speedy recovery!! (What happened! Feel free to message me @)!!!
  2. Melissa (a loyal follower and commenter): thank you for your feedback on 20sb! And my sign off name comes from the fact that I was I was thinking I love me and then I got to thinking about how much I love all of those people who give me support...and I Lava Juice sounds like I Love You so it's a way of saying I love you to all of the people who give me support :)
  3. Irene Cortez (a loyal follower and commenter): my very first commenter and follower! Way to get the ball rolling!! 
  4. 20 Going on 80 (a loyal follower): thanks for following! I love your  name! That's how I feel!
  5. Little Missy Me (a loyal follower and commenter): it's great to find a fellow language lover! Are you a linguistics or literature major? I'm a Spanish Literature major myself!  
  6. Remy (a very loyal follower and commenter): I've been following you for ages, and still do on both this account and on my RRR ( account. 

Thank you all! And if I forgot anyone, well you just let me know!! Lots of love! Keep reading! Oh, and the contest is being extended to August 19th (b/c my cats' birthday x2 because they're awesomely cute twins!!!)) is on the 18th.

Shnookums (L)(aka Choop) and Sweetie (R) rocking the lion cut

Choop in the sun. You can tell he's a
"Smoke" Maine Coon 
Sweetie "helping" me study for my Bio exam

Ta ta for now dearies!
-I Lava Juice

P.S. What do you all want to be called because I feel like loyal commenters and followers is kinda blah! 


Remy said...

AW. You are adorable! Thanks for your advice on my latest post. I'm totally sticking to it. Hopefully tomorrow will prove better results.

Thank you for the mention. <3

ILavaJuice said...

You are quite welcome! I totally love my special alarm clock because it's loud and it shakes my bed a little! Want a link?

sugarmouse said...

your cats are GORGEOUS. they remind me of salem from sabrina the teenaged witch

ILavaJuice said...

OMG I loved Salem with a passion! I was so depressed when I realized Salem wasn't really a talking cat (that show's been around a loooong time lol).

You really know how to get to a gal's heart haha!

I shall tell the cats that are now sitting on my feet that you said they look like their favorite celebrity cat!